Frequently Asked Questions

Our system is designed to allow overseas owners of Bulgarian properties and other investments to manage all aspects of their Bulgarian affairs.

The system provides a comprehensive hub allowing you to manage your Bulgarian documents and tasks and to connect with relevant professionals when their services are required.

Intranet Work flow:
  • An initial conversation by phone or email to ascertain if our service is suitable for your use case.
  • Sign up and pay your € 100 + VAT annual fee for membership of the closed BG-HQ intranet system. This intitles you to one hour of administrative help from BG-HQ staff to help you to get started and to get your documentation organized and posting it to the system. This process will also identify which documents you have and whether important documents are missing. We will also define all of the regular actions required in your particular case and insure that the system will remind you of these as required.
    The objective is to have all the information you need accessible to you on your phone or laptop. You can then allow the various professionals that you may use from time to time, such as accountants or translators, to access documents on the system as required. The system also notes where the original documents are located.

We have prepared a video to guide you through the use of the system. Our staff are available to help you at all times if you need help.

All computer systems are under attack all of the time and the types of attack are constantly evolving. So, you can never say never when it comes to security. However, all communication between our server and your devices is encrypted. We back up the system database daily and a weekly backup is also made for longer storage. But the daily and weekly backups are stored at a different location to the server for a longer period. So, if your house burns down and your documents go up in smoke we will have your back.

This depends on your circumstance. You may want to put everything you have on the system to insure you have a disaster proof copy of everything (see previous question.) If you have invested in property you may want to keep all of the documents you will need to sell the property on the system even though you may not want to sell right away. If you have a company then there is another document set required. We can advise you on this.

Membership of the system costs € 100 plus VAT per year and this includes one hour of administrative help (such as sorting your documents.) Should you require further help this is charged at € 50 Euro per hour plus VAT. Lawyer and Accountant time is € 100 per hour plus VAT.

No. The BG-HQ Intranet saves a huge amount of time and we can only provide the service we provide in a cost-effective way by using this system and its work flows. Its convenience is both for the client and for our staff and the professionals we use.

Bulgarian legal documents are delivered to your Bulgarian address. If it’s a company that is the address that is your registered office. In the case of a property it will be the address of the property. If you do not receive your notice or demand that can have very serious consequences in Bulgaria. There is no requirement to serve you documents personally.

When you use our service, all documents addressed to you are scanned and posted to the system which automatically notifies you and you can view the document, seek advice on the document or request a translation. The original will be redeveloped and posted to the address you have entered on the BG-HQ intranet.