Accounting & Legal services

The focus of our legal and accounting service is to provide our clients with a well coordinated cost effective multidisciplinary service. Clients who have invested in Bulgaria or who are contemplating investing require a number of interdependent services. By putting not just legal and accounting services but also services such as translations, valuations, investigations, planning, zoning etc. under one roof we can provide the truly integrated approach required by today's investor.

Many of our clients are faced with complex situations ranging from the failure of parties to honour contracts, planning problems, mortgage problems and so on.

It is in these complex situations that a multidisciplinary approach pays real dividends.  Professional fees in Bulgaria are generally lower than in the West but nonetheless the integrated approach provides important savings by eliminating duplication and by the greater speed and efficiency possible with a well integrated multidisciplinary team.

In the case of disputes we work to help our clients resolve disputes efficiently and effectively – preferably through arbitration but, when unavoidable, through litigation.  We see it as our duty to work with clients to minimize the possibility of litigation in their dealings in Bulgaria.

In the changed circumstances created by the worldwide economic crises many organisations and individuals who have invested in Bulgaria require a restructuring of their agreements, be they business contracts or mortgages. Our team can advise as to what is attainable in the current climate and prepare written proposals designed to achieve the required restructuring or termination of agreements.

In the past smaller overseas investors who found themselves in difficulty would simply walk away from the contract or mortgage in the confident belief that they would hear no more about it, given the cost of international litigation..The situation is now dramatically different and Bulgarian agreements are enforceable throughout the European Union. It is therefore necessary for those who wish to terminate their agreements or mortgages to do so in a formal way within Bulgarian law.

We advise private individuals, small to medium sized companies and owner-managed businesses on all aspects of their business and the implications of double taxation agreements. We can also advise clients wishing to set up a company or subsidiary in Bulgaria. If you live or work in Bulgaria or if you have a holiday home in Bulgaria, you will need to deal with the Bulgarian tax system. You will need to file tax returns and you will want to minimise your tax obligations both during your lifetime and upon your death.  For the investor what matters is the amount received after tax and so you too will need good tax advice to limit your exposure.