Our job is to see to it that all those involved in a construction project be they Builders, Architects, Structural Engineers, Building inspectors or Cadastral Surveyors carry out the work they have contracted to do in a competent manner and on schedule. Our work consists of checking all documentation and carrying out ongoing site inspections to insure compliance with the specification and schedule.

Construction oversight is a critical element of a successful project. Construction oversight makes us the investor's eyes and ears on the ground, protecting the investors interests by reviewing every detail of construction.

Pre-construction Analysis

We review documents before construction, evaluate the proposed budget and arrangements for construction.

Construction oversight

During the construction phase, we, as the investors representative provide:

  • Regular on-site visits to observe status of the project and provide written and photographic documentation.
  • Auditing of payout applications
  • Cost tracking and reporting
  • Schedule reviews
  • Regular reports and invoice reconciliation
  • Snag-list oversight

So we provide Construction Oversight through both on-site visits and the review of essential documentation to ensure adherence to the investors design, specification and schedule.  We monitor the quality, cost, and rate of completion for the project as it is constructed.

Auditing of payout applications

We assess whether funds requested by the contractor are in line with percentages of work completed and that there are sufficient funds remaining in the budget to complete the project.  

Project Close Out

When construction is complete the project close out service includes insuring that a final snag list  is addressed in full.  We also assemble all pertinent documentation including warranties, instruction manuals and the certification required before the building can be put into use.